Hi there. There may be many reasons you ended up on my about page, mostly it is to know more about me or get in contact with me. Here we go then. I am Frikkie Kapp a photographer based in Bloemfontein, South Africa. I have been taking photos mostly of weddings over the past 14 years but that was merely a stepping stone and a place where I learned photography and got addicted to it. I read in someones about me once, that he is a serial snapper. To tell you the truth it is probably true of me too. I am at my happiest behind the camera or enjoying the amazing work of others on the net. I’ve learned that you can never say that you have arrived on this journey we travel in photography, or that you are the best or at the top of the game photographers play. I can only say that I enjoy the medium in all its disciplines and love to do it. If you the viewer happen to like my work, think it good/bad it is great. As long as you can form an opinion and are willing to share my piece of the world, then i am happy. Feel free to comment and share that opinion, here or on Flickr or on Facebook. I lecture photography and have some short courses on the subject and do workshops on specialised photography disciplines. I do sport photography and shoot mainly for http://www.backpagepix.co.za and http://www.saspa.photoshelter.com with a front seat to the action from school level to international sport. Feel free to follow me on flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/frikkiekapp/ or instagram: http://instagram.com/frikkiekapp, or if you like to contact me, at: fpkapp@gmail.com. Happy shooting. F


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